Full spectrum or isolate CBD?

July 6, 2022

All Qunubu CBD products are based on top quality, full spectrum CBD extracted from organically-grown hemp plants. But what does this mean and why should you prefer full spectrum CBD over isolate?

Isolate, as the term suggests, is the CBD molecule alone, separated from all the other compounds in the hemp plants from which it is derived. The greatest benefit to health comes from all the compounds in the plant working together. Scientists have devised a term for this, the ‘entourage effect’ and it’s been proven through experiments that much lower doses of full spectrum CBD can achieve the same results as larger doses of isolate.

This is a crucial factor in understanding how CBD works and how it can help you.  It’s a plant-based product that interacts with the endocannabinoid system in your body by supplementing it with the plant-derived cannabinoid, CBD. It’s only in its natural form that it works most effectively. In fact, if you buy CBD isolate it may not even have come from a plant, it may have been synthesised in a lab, and there is no way of telling.

The only way in which CBD isolate is being effectively used is as a medicine and it is given in huge quantities for epilepsy. As an adult, you might be taking 50mg to 100mg of Qunubu CBD each day as a supplement but if you were taking CBD isolate as a medicine you would be taking perhaps 1500mg per day and this can result in side effects such as a tummy upset or diarrhoea.

CBD isolate is easier and cheaper to produce, which is why you will find other CBD companies offering it for sale as a supplement. Making a full spectrum extract requires much more careful use of extraction and distillation techniques to produce a high-quality product.

So please, even if you’re looking at CBD from other suppliers, make sure you find out whether it’s full spectrum or isolate and our best advice to you is don’t bother with isolate. It’s not the ‘real thing’ and it won’t do you anywhere near as much good as full spectrum.

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