CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol which is one of a number of chemicals produced in the cannabis plant that are called cannabinoids. It and THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, are the most well-known cannabinoids because they are produced in the largest amounts. In fact, all other cannabinoids are called minor cannabinoids.

It's only recently that scientists discovered how cannabinoids affect our bodies and minds. In the late 1980s, Israeli scientists realised that they were closely related to chemicals that our body naturally produces for itself. These are now called endocannabinoids, the prefix 'endo' meaning 'within'.

This system in our bodies is called the endocannabinoid system, and it's now known that it is one of the largest and most important bodily systems and is fundamental to all aspects of our health.

Plant-derived cannabinoids, known as phytocannabinoids, can have the same effect as endocannabinoids, or they can affect the way that endocannabinoids work. It's important to understand that endocannabinoids are produced in microscopic quantities, whereas if you take CBD, you're taking a much larger amount.

As far as science understands it at present, CBD does not have direct effects on the body. It affects the way that your body's natural endocannabinoids work, and they are involved in many aspects of your health, from the way you feel, your mood to physical sensations such as hunger or discomfort.

This is one of the reasons why CBD is so safe. Not only is it non-toxic, but its effects are indirect. What it's doing is helping to rebalance your natural endocannabinoid system if it's out of order or lacking in something. This might be because of poor health, or it can cause poor health, not necessarily anything serious. It could just be a mild infection or tiredness, stress, something you may not really be aware of. CBD can be a gentle, natural way of bringing you back into balance, making you feel better in body and mind.

This is why it's essential to take small quantities of Qunubu CBD regularly. By doing so, you are nourishing your endocannabinoid system, and that leads to well-being and better health.

What Is Colloidal Silver?

A colloid is a mixture of two substances. One part of the blend is split into tiny pieces and mixed into the other part. Colloidal silver is made up of tiny particles of silver in water. The bits of silver are so small they stay afloat in the liquid. You only have to look in a hospital to see medically approved silver products as the standard for sterile equipment. It is this same antibacterial property of colloidal silver which makes it a great topical treatment on skin conditions such as acne, healing wounds and skin infections.

Is It Safe?

As a natural remedy that has been around for centuries, it’s still not yet commonly used in the household. But its use as an antibacterial ingredient makes it an ideal member of your first aid kit for cuts & scrapes. If you search for further information online, you’ll quickly learn that colloidal silver gets quite a beating for its internal use. But if you stick to products that are approved, you’ll only reap the benefits!

It is known as a super solution for scarring, anti-aging, and the restoration of the skin as a result of any condition (even including fungal infections). And if your skin is more on the sensitive side? It shouldn’t be a problem – unless you have an allergy to colloidal silver (or other silver products, which is rather uncommon). Colloidal silver manages not to harm any surrounding tissue so there is less scarring in general.


Colloidal silver is said to have broad antibacterial and antiseptic effects when taken orally or placed on a wound. It's unknown exactly how colloidal silver works. However, research suggests that it attaches to proteins on the cell walls of bacteria, damaging their cell membranes.

Silver is a precious or Noble metal. Silver cannot be oxidized to toxic compounds like lead and mercury, which is why it is used for jewellery, cooking utensils, drinking vessels and many other uses where its safe antibacterial properties are required.

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