Bee Balm Miracle with CBD No.1

July 10, 2021

Bee Balm is a miracle substance and knowing the healing property of honey and CBD, I knew I had to have a quality balm in the Qunubu product range. So I searched and after speaking with loads of suppliers. Finally, I talked to Teisha of Bubby's Bee Balm, and I knew I had to try her balm. Long story short, I tried it and loved it. I asked how her balm came to life.

If you had ever told me that I would use my science degree to formulate cannabis and honeybee topicals, I would have said you are lying...but here is how it started. At 12 years old, I had a fantastic Biology teacher who got me interested in microbes, and I would go on to study them my whole life...finally landing as the HIV supervisor for a public health department. I was injured in a car accident and stopped working in 2008, and was prescribed narcotic pain medication which caused me to lose interest in life itself essentially.

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While vacationing with family in Jamaica and smoking cannabis in Bob Marley's mausoleum, I discovered that cannabis made me feel better than any opiate, and I decided to dedicate my life to cannabis that very day. Through volunteer work on legalization efforts, I discovered what Monsanto was doing to our planet, especially the honeybees. I decided that I needed to help them, so I learned beekeeping from my local library.

After legalization failed in my state, I moved to a legal state, Michigan, and began beekeeping and growing high CBD varieties of cannabis. Then my brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma. His skin was badly impacted by radiation and chemo/immunotherapy treatments...his skin was peeling and cracking and itchy. I made him some balm...and he used it several times a day to relieve the pain and dryness, and damage.

The bee balm was so compelling that I began passing it around to friends, and everyone loved it so much they said I had a genuine product on my hands. The reason it works is natural science! Our bee balm is made from the beeswax that we collect. Beeswax has all the natural healing components of the plant life in a 3-mile radius of their hive. Bees produce wax from the sugar content of honey...the wax then oozes through pores on the underside of the bee to make tiny wax flakes that the bees chew to soften and add to the honeycomb.

So the wax is coming from local plant life and filtered through the bee itself. When we scrape wax from the beehive, we're scraping propolis from the hive too. Propolis heals the skin by accelerating the rate of cell regeneration, decongests pores and is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.

When you pair the healing properties of beehive products with high potency CBD, you get unmatched healing qualities. CBD also reduces inflammation by attaching to CB receptors in the skin, which modulate pain and itch sensations. So now you understand why Qunubu CBD Bee Balm is so special. Craig

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Monarda, commonly called bee balm or bergamot, is also known by the names oswego tea and horsemint. Bergamot gets its name from the similarity it has in aroma to the bergamot orange (Citrus bergamia). Oil of bergamot comes from the bergamot orange and is used to flavour Earl Grey tea. Bergamot is a beautiful blooming plant has many medicinal and culinary uses - mosquito repellent among them. And unlike many other plants, bee balm works to repel mosquitoes not only when crushed but while alive and thriving in the garden.

CBD Infused Bee Balm is the perfect addition to any self-care routine. Our CBD Bee Balm is organic. It is a great topical spot treatment for muscle and joint aches and pains. Whether you use this product post-workout, on an existing injury, or just to help unwind tension at the end of the day, it is certain to bring soothing relief for pain and inflammation. There is no added scent making it a more of an inconspicous choice.

CBD Infused Bee Balm
CBD Infused Bee Balm

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